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Ward Pumice Company

Stone Age Tool for the 21st Century

~ Wholesaling real pumice in

eco-friendly way since 1992 ~

"...flying off the shelves even before we had priced them!"

-- North Shore Soap Factory, Waialua, HI

Genuine Natural Pumice Stone

Wildcrafted for

Foot Care & More

Going Out of Business! 

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Mount Shasta is sole stone source of Ward Pumice. Long thought to have last erupted in 1786, recent carbon dating puts it much further back, to about 1250 A.D. Majestic mountain crowns central top of California in US Pacific northwest

  • Heavy-duty abrasion
  • As nature created - each stone unique
  • For bath, kitchen, shop...
  • Durable ~ stones can last years
  • 19 bulk select-grade sizes; four packaged; four shop-grade ranges

  • low $30 wholesale minimum
  • ship at cost, mostly via USPS flat-rate Priority 

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Versatile Stones

The outstanding abrasive properties of natural volcanic pumice have been recorded since ancient Roman times. No doubt stones used earlier by rock-savvy cavemen.

Versatile tool of nature, pumice is handy for multitude of uses.. 

Happy Feet

Ward's sustainably harvested pumice is kept exactly the way nature made it. It's true grit, that venerable scrubbing stone whose abrasive properties pumice-adulterating companies can only aspire to. Why not upgrade your organic body care line and offer discerning, nature-loving customers the real thing?

Super Durable

Body care users of reformed pumice often complain of scrubbing arm going numb working calluses and of product soon disintegrating in water. Not so these puppies; they're heavy-duty. They sacrifice themselves slowly. Well cared-for stones can last years.

"... I couldn't be more pleased! I ordered the 11 lb of medium shop grade stones. The web page estimated 60-80 stones, and I got 100 stones. - Chelsea Cox, Las Vegas, NV

Born of Fire

These pumice were rounded not by any efforts of man but aerodynamically by nature on eruption. Formerly under enormous pressure, trapped gases in frothy molten lava globules, flung miles high, make bubbly escape, creating new-born foamy stones by fast-drying into rounded form by time they hit earth -- or almost dry, often flattening into eggs or oval bars or, very rare, pancakes. Stream action might further shape.

People are amazed by their roundedness, assuming stones must be worked by man. Not so; nature's the sole sculptor of this volcanic popcorn.

As bonus, every working stone doubles as centuries-old specimen of California's majestic Mount Shasta, officially designated sister mountain to Japan's Mount Fuji and noted the world over for its majesty and believed powerful metaphysical properties. I once said stones were effectively fiery souvenirs of United States' first fireworks celebration, mountain's last eruption long thought to be in 1786, around time of nation's birth, but volcanologists through carbon dating now think it's been over 750 years since it blew its top.

"The pumice arrived today. It is beyond perfect! Thank you so much for terrific service!" -- Brian Johnson, Fishers, IN

  • Order stones online, by email, phone or check
  • Wholesale only - $US 30. minimum. Up to 20% volume discount - see schedule (scroll down)
  • Pay by credit card thru PayPal - no PayPal account necessary - for fast service
  • Net-10 accounts to verifiably well-established concerns if preferred; net-30 for larger orders
  • Orders shipped at cost via USPS priority; also FedEx (air only), and UPS using your account #
  • Select-grade stones start at $.20 ea.
  • Utility/shop grade seconds in 5 size categories pre-discounted at $3.50/lb.
  • Order internationally with euros, pounds, yen, Australian or Canadian dollars via PayPal - More information - scroll down
  • 5 international online selections - items #23-27
  • California buyers not re-selling stones pay 7.5% sales tax when ordering by phone and email; tax absorbed by me when ordered online

Order Online:

Items # 23, 25, & 26 are International bulk orders

Only a sampling of available stones listed on price page are orderable online. Also, bare-bones shopping cart doesn't allow quantifying beyond those noted or permit specifying domestic or international order.  So if what's wanted isn't listed online and/or in desired quantity, simply call or email query; once order's made, will email custom PayPal invoice for easy online payment. (no PayPal account needed; just credit card)

Green awareness is soaring as we fitfully awaken to planet's interconnectedness within intricate ecological balance. For growing numbers of organic body care product providers -- and others wanting genuine pumice stones for chosen applications -- Ward's Mount Shasta pumice might prove perfect fit.

May 2022 Report

Ending pumice biz

All remaining stock is spoken for except for sinker stones.

Forces have conspired, telling me it's time to end my sole proprietorship operation after 27 years. Main culprits: climate changes (via current mega drought) affecting supply, plus crucial rock-source creek channel changes.

Working with nature's a trip. With countless acres of alluvial-fan pumice deposit lands, plus miles of actual seasonal creek bed to comb, it's been a never-ending Easter egg hunt for this seventy-two year-old kid at heart seeking out nature's hidden treasures.

At it for over 27 years, the last ten intensively, I've perhaps been getting a better workout than wanted the last two or three years. Had to hike much further down depository creek bed to reach alluvial fan during peak of blazing summer weather, only to find a smattering of new stone arrivals washing down mountain with daily snow melt. Deposits have diminished drastically in recent times due to severe, chronic drought. (Longest western one in at least 1200 years, climatologists say.) Three years ago I could access generous deposits within a holler of parking; now must hike far downhill and through often rough terrain to have any hope of finding newbies of any quantity.

This due to a deepened creek channel carrying them ever further down creek bed before banks disappear and alluvial fanning deposit action kicks in. (Before, often lugged some 70-80 pounds worth back upstream a day, leapfrogging two 20-pounds-loaded canvas beach bags at a time plus laden daypack.)

So, between creek changes, climate changes and sundry other factors, and barring miraculous change-- like returned heavy snowfalls with ensuing summer snow melt again flushing down goo-gobs of stones and depositing them in reachable areas -- my little backwoods biz is unexpectedly folding its tent. (May continue gathering on casual level again, but if so wiould only be able to supply a few.)

Apologies for not notifying repeat buyers of momentous decision; I resisted ever learning how to send out mass-emails and never compiled a necessary email address file and the prospect of emailing everyone individually was just too daunting.

Been a great run

The little backwoods home biz grew to be a fabulous micro-biz. Over last ten years I've sent stones to every state in the union -- Guam and Puerto Rico, too -- plus Canada and Australia; even a few to Europe. In the thousands of fulfilled orders, happy to report only got burned once, had to make only a couple exchanges, and had zero refund requests. While many orders came from artisan soap makers wanting to complement their lines, I also provided many chinchilla caregivers, who gnaw on stoness to keep teeth from growing too long; and a few natural food stores, one in San Francisco ordered regularly for 28 years, including first product; and movie production companies, wanting to stonewash costumes.  (See About page for list of diverse stone applicaions.)

More grateful than words can say for having been given such a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment through the support of so many.Thank you all. Hope you find new sources.

- - - - -

Remaining stone inventory: "sinker" pumice stones

- - An international science education company recently snapped up most of my remaining stock consisting of the very largest and smallest stones (perennial slow movers). All that's left now are 'sinker' stones.  Have a veritable hill of them. Not passing the float test for being a bit denser, they're still rounded, most with fine-grained work surface, and still possess abrasive quality (maybe just not quite as much). Possible condidates for stone-washing or skin care or ?

See item  #001 on online page or inquire by email.


"Just arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much. We will definitely be purchasing from you." 

~ site updated May 17 2022   ~